Saturday, 20 November 2010

The GLW Cult

 Over the past year or so many people have formed the opinion that there is something extremely sinister taking place in respect of the "Hollie Greig" case. Some of the FACTS which have led people to this conclusion are as follows:

1. The majority of the abusers named by Hollie and all of the other alleged victims have never even been interviewed by Grampian Police.
2. Hollie's mother, Anne Greig, was sectioned within days of Hollie making allegations that she had been abused by prominent citizens in Aberdeen. Shortly afterwards an independent psychiatric report pronounced Anne perfectly sane. The paperwork authorising the sectioning has "gone missing".
3. In spite of the fact that no-one was charged with any crime, Hollie was awarded £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.
4. A Police Complaints Commission for Scotland Report into the handling of this matter stated "The investigating officer at this time, and others who have conducted further enquiry since, were all of the opinion that [X] had been the victim of penetrative sexual abuse at some point in the past…"
5. In February 2010, Robert Green was arrested on trumped up charges of breach of the peace as he prepared to hand out leaflets about Hollie's case in Aberdeen. The punitive bail conditions imposed plus the fact that all hearings to date have been in a closed court are unheard of for a case of breach of the peace.
6. In June 2010, Anne and Hollie's home in Shrewsbury was raided by police on the spurious grounds that Hollie was a missing person. Earlier that day the police had contacted Robert Green, who assured them that Hollie was safe and well.

 A sizeable group of people have committed their time and energy to seeking justice for Hollie and to bring this matter to the attention of the general public (the mainstream media have been effectively gagged). A tragi-comic figure from Chepstow who calls himself Greg "Lance" Watkins has labelled us the Hollie Greig Cult. Some of the "Cult" members who are subjected to frequent abuse in his Stolen Kids blog are:

Robert Green
Butlin Cat
Steven Milne
Ian McFerran
George McKendrick
Lorraine Loudon
Matt Quinn
Stuart Usher
Sandra Barr
Sandie Fox
Jim Corr
Maria Muir
Nicola McLaughlin
Belinda McKenzie
David Icke
Paul Drockton
Peter Eyre
Chris Wittwer
Sarah MacLeod
Brian Gerrish
Mary Stephens

 In opposition to the Hollie Greig Cult we find the GLW Cult whose core beliefs are:

1. Hollie Greig was not a victim of abuse and that Anne Greig and Robert Green tricked Little Greggy into believing that she was.
2. Little Greggy is a long standing campaigner against paedophiles.
3. Little Greggy invented Thatcherism
4. Gordon Brown has an "enthusiasm for under age rent boys" and Mrs Brown is effectively a live-in prostitute.
5. Tony Blair has a conviction for cottaging.
6. Little Greggy is a friend of Lord Tebbit.

 The GLW Cult is a very exclusive one indeed, in fact out of the world population of around 7 billion it can boast just one member - GREG "LANCE" WATKINS.

 How strange it is that the people who Little Greggy claims to be defending ie those falsely accused of being paedophiles or victims do not choose to support him by joining his cult.

 In fact, how strange it is that these people have said nothing whatsoever to dispute the allegations.