Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Madness Of Greg Watkins

 Picture the scene: at Sandhurst in the 60's the Royal Green Jackets are having a passing out parade. All the soldiers are immaculately dressed and marching in line... except for one. An undersized, overweight, scruffy oik is hopelessly out of synch.
  On the sidelines Mrs Watkins beams with pride: "Look at that" she exclaims "all of them are out of step except my Little Greggy".
  This is the attitude which this tragic figure maintains to this day. Myself, Robert Green, George McKendrick, David Icke, Matt Quinn and the dozens of others regularly abused in "Stolen Kids" are all completely wrong about the Hollie Greig case... and are most likely suffering from a mental illness.
  Little Greggy, the lone voice who publicly disparages the case, is the only one who is right. And of course this poor excuse of a man: who invented Thatcherism, accused Gordon Brown of being a paedophile and downloaded animal pornography, is perfectly sane.
 Believe that and you will believe anything !

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Greg Lance-Watkins Is Not Stupid - But He Is Certainly Evil

  Where to begin with the latest outpouring of lies from Little Greggy ?

  He claims that a "friend" pointed out some comments made by George McKendrick on Facebook. Strange that this "friend" did not not draw Little Greggy's attention to the debate on the document produced by the Police Complaints Commission for Scotland which included the killer lines.

"The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that X (Hollie) was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts. Given that X, because of her disabilities, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular, unsupervised access.”

 We can safely say that this blows Little Greggy's oft repeated lie "There is no evidence" out of the water.
 He is also desperate to promote the lie that Hollies Peaceful Army are a lynch mob who wish to bypass the justice system. The facts are that all the HPA want is a proper investigation of the allegations made by Hollie and a full enquiry into all the subsequent events which suggest a cover up (sectioning of Anne, arrest of Robert etc, etc).

Perhaps this enquiry would also uncover the full sordid truth about the activities of GLW, in particular why he has not yet been arrested for breach of the peace for "publishing and distributing false allegations" on his blog. This is the reason given by Solicitor General Frank Mulholland why Robert was charged with breach of the peace. Yet Little Greggy remains at liberty.... but for how long ?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Onward March Of Hollies Peaceful Army ... And The Failure Of GLW's Wrecking Tactics

 Clearly Hollies Peaceful Army are succeeding in their mission to alert the British public to the failure of Grampian Police to investigate allegations of the most horrific nature and the ongoing cover-up. The "Scotlands Shame - Google Hollie Greig" banner has had a huge impact wherever it has been taken; the Community Champions debacle has provided valuable publicity and highlighted how the authorities wish to sweep the issue of paedophilia under the carpet; Robert Green is now working alongside other campaigners such as Chris Wittwer and Bill Maloney.

 One can almost see the steam coming out of Little Greggy's ears as he realises that the twisted plan hatched by himself, along with a handful of co-conspirators who are either mentally ill or fundamentally evil, has failed. His bizarre rants on the Stolen Kids blog are now a source of comedy not anger. He has been completely and utterly exposed as a pathological liar and as an all-round failure. It is not Matt Quinn or John Taylor or George McKendrick or Paul Drockton who has exposed him thus. It is Little Greggy himself. Having failed in every aspect of his life so far, he seems to revel in spewing forth bilge which serves only to confirm him as prime candidate for the role of Internet Village Idiot. As his one time ally, Gabe Nelson, points out Little Greggy's role model seems to be the tragi-comic figure of Michael in Ryan's Daughter.

 Hard to believe that back in May Little Greggy seemed to have the upper hand. The 27,000 Facebook group had disappeared in mysterious circumstances and Little Greggy, one time chief publicist, announced he had changed his mind. The man who lied about his Cambridge and Sandhurst education had managed to persuaded a gullible few that the radio performance of an obviously terrified (and later extremely inebriated) Mark Daly had torpedoed Hollie's campaign for justice. Let's remind ourselves of Daly's main angle of attack - out of a total of fourteen alleged abusers it was claimed that two were siblings and Daly had managed to establish they were not actually related. Can someone kindly explain to me how this diminishes the credibility of claims of paedophile abuse ?

  The activists in Hollie's Peaceful Army were shaken: no-one could believe that anyone could be so sick and evil as to try to disruput  a campaign to bring paedophiles to justice. But then people started to talk to one another and a pattern started to emerge: a handful of individuals who had switched sides seemed to be in the habit of being "economical with the truth"; evidence emerged of strange people emerging from the woodwork on Facebook at critical times; certain people seemed to determined to spark off arguements on trivial issues and avoid discussions on things which really mattered.

 Before long it was keen who the wreckers were, although we were none the wiser as to what their motivation was. Hollies Peaceful Army had no qualms about hitting back at these people (and hard). Like all bullies, the wreckers did not like getting a taste of their own medicine and, with the exception of the clearly insane GLW, they have exited the fray. Hollies Peaceful Army have no qualms with anyone who chooses not to believe the allegations made by Anne and Hollie. However when they stoop to personal abuse of Hollie Supporters they can expected us to fight fire with fire.

 Little Greggy has underestimated  the courage, determination and ingenuity of the ordinary men and women who form Hollies Peaceful Army. Quite simply, we will not be intimidated by this grubby, little excuse for a man. Just like Anne refused to quietly go away when Hollie was awarded compensation and Robert refused to be frightened off after he was arrested we will fight on for as long as it takes ... AND WE WILL WIN !

Little Greggy ScoresYet Another Own Goal

  GLW has shot himself in the foot once again.The sicko blogs about an investigation into a paedophile ring in Sweden and attempts to gratuitously insult various female Hollie supporters but only succeeds in once again highlighting the fact that he is a misogynist and a bully.

 More significantly he inadvertently highlights the difference between investigating paedophilia in Sweden and Scotland.

 In Sweden, the police swoop en masse on named paedophiles and confiscate their computers and mobile phones to search for evidence.

 In Scotland, the approach is along the following lines:
1. Arrange for the mother of the victim to be illegally sectioned.
2. Interview only 2 of 14 alleged abusers, on one occasion each, several years apart and apologise for any inconvenience caused to them.
3. Fail to interview 6 named victims.
4. Fail to take any DNA samples, search any properties or confiscate any computer equipment.
5. Arrest a man who announces his intention to draw the public's attention to this failure to investigate.

 This is the "thorough police investigation" which in Little Greggy's diseased mind proves that Hollie was not abused !

Monday, 18 October 2010

Time For The Men In White Coats To Take GLW Away

Little Greggy has learnt a new word ! "Pusstular" is plastered all over his latest blog.

On a more serious note, it is now beyond doubt that he is mentally ill and needs to be taken into care for his own protection. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) contains the following provisions.

Under MCA there is a statutory responsibility for Local Health Boards to provide Independent
Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs). These advocates are specialised independent advocate who support individuals who lack capacity to make a decision when they are unbefriended or have no appropriate relatives.

As from the 1

 I believe it is my public duty to make a referral in respect of Little Greggy.
st October 2007 the IMCA service will be available to receive referrals. Anyone can refer to this service who believes that a person requires advocacy to make a decision on their health or social care issues and meet the above criteria.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nutter Of The Year

  GLW reports that Anna Raccon has retired from her blog after her real identity was revealed. This must have been a delayed reaction as she was "outed" as Susanna Nundy fully 4 months ago. !

 He also gives space to Megrahi/Tom George/Mark Thomas/Alan Johnson/Mark Leask to bump his gums at length.

 The common thread in both of these blogs is an attempt to portray Hollie's Peaceful Army as a band of nutters when it is, of course, Little Greggy himself who would be the runaway winner of any Nutter of the Year Contest !

Friday, 15 October 2010

Lets Have A Debate Greggy

 GLW says Hollie's Army won't debate with him.

 Well it's time to stand up and be counted little man. On the Stephen Nolan show on Radio 5 Live at 10pm on Saturday 16th October, Chris Wittwer intends to raise Hollie's case. I will be calling in to contribute to the debate. As Little Greggy is such big mates with "Steve", I am sure he will be given a chance to have his say.

 Let the people decide ! Bring it on !

 There's no way that the BBC would ever want to cover-up the Hollie Greig case is there ??

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Freedom Of Speech

 In his latest lunatic rant GLW states

The ONLY way these ghastly people can sustain their fantasies is bullying and abuse to suppress free speach.
 In the same blog he praises Stephen Nolan and the BBC for not allowing Chris Wittwer airtime in which to bring the Hollie Greig case to the attention of the wider public. (Little Greggy claims to have done "several programmes" with Nolan but when you google their 2 names there are no results so this is undoubtedly yet another lie).

 No-one in Hollie's Army is suppressing free speech (or even speach). We believe that the interests of the general public would be better served by discussing this issue rather than the latest developments on the X-Factor.

 Hopefully the BBC will be as good as their word and will allow Chris on the Stephen Nolan show next Saturday and on open debate on the evidence can be held. I look forward to the contributions of Little Greggy and his partner-in-crime: the schizophrenic, Munchhausen's Syndrome suffering, pathological liar whose multiple identities include "Megrahi".

Thursday, 7 October 2010

"Megrahi" Is A Particularly Depraved Individual

 We have now uncovered the true identity of "Megrahi", the bully and coward who threatened and defamed Hollie supporters on a newspaper website. We have discovered some of his other online activities and it would appear that as well as being a hypocrite of the first order he preys on the most vulnerable.

 Unlike Kenny MacAskill we do not intend to show any mercy on "Megrahi" - mark my words. It is becoming clear that the tiny band who actively oppose Hollie's Army are not simply sad inadequates - they are evil and depraved.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More Challenges To GLW

 In his latest blog GLW states

"Robert Green is no hero, he is no brave heart he ia a Snake Oil Salesman - I have spoken for many hours with him, as I have with Anne Greig - I have dined with him, I have arranged meetings for him and every responsible person I know who has met him has advised me correctly when they said avoid him he is either sick or a crook. It seems they were right."

 So come on Greggy boy - name these people who advised you that Robert was sick or a crook !

 You also claim to be in touch with Greg Mackie. Given your track record we treat this claim with a large pinch of salt. Can you provide a recent verifiable photograph of Greg Mackie to accompany the multiple photographs you are able to produce of his late uncle, Roy Greig ?

 Will Little Greggy rise to the challenge or will he simply ignore it (as when requested to provide evidence that he had ever served in the Army) ? 


 In the blog "Megrahi Is Clearly A Very Sick Individual" we claimed that Greg Lance-Watkins was posting on the Edinburgh Evening News website under the alias "Megrahi". We have just been passed information from a very reliable source which identifies "Megrahi" as someone other than GL-W.

 We would like to apologise to Greg Lance-Watkins for this error. For the avoidance of doubt, this apology relates only to this single, specific issue.

 We learn that a number of individuals threatened and defamed by "Megrahi" intend to take legal action. We also understand that "Megrahi" generally refers to himself using an assumed name. Steps are being taken to verify the real name and address of "Megrahi" so that he can be reported to the appropriate authorities.

"Megrahi" Is Clearly A Very Sick Individual

Members of Hollie's Army posted on the Edinburgh Evening News message board welcoming the "resignation" of Elish Angiolini. Like the proverbial bad penny, GLW turned up in the guise of "Megrahi" spewing forth his usual bile.

 Why does he have such an all-consuming hatred for people who simply wish to see allegations of serious crimes properly investigated ?

02/10/2010 20:15:12

There is simply no veracity whatsoever to the Hollie Greig fantasy paedophile ring and it is very clear that you are a supporter of this crock of ***** who is overly obsessed with the whole despicable affair - despicable because of people like you taking advantage of two very vulnerable adults who, thankfully, Shropshire County Council Social Services and Shropshire Police have now taken into their care.

The blog you linked to no longer supports this tosh (since Friday 30 April 2010, as you well know), and you can clearly see that here:

You are clearly a very sad, sick, obsessive and very delusional mischief maker who, like Robert Green and all the other nut-jobs who believe in this fantasy paedophile ring, should be rounded up and silenced for good.

There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to support the outrageous allegations that Hollie Greig was ever sexually abused and your hero, Robert Green, has failed miserably to produce any - despite claiming for a year or more that he has the "evidence".

There is NO EVIDENCE because ... Hollie was NEVER ABUSED.


Two of the best accounts of this whole crock of ***** can be found here:

I support Robert Green, David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Belinda McKenzie, Charlie Vietch, Paul Drockton, Matt Quinn, Jim Corr, Sandra Barr, John Taylor / Stephen Milne, George McKendrick, Lorraine Loudon, Nicola McLaughlan and the many other nut-jobs who persist in spreading these malicious, unfounded, unproven, unlawful and defamatory rumours about this supposed "Aberdeen paedophile ring" being brought before the courts and publicly denegrated, vilified and humiliated for their part in this malicious fantasy - and sent down for their part in it for some considerable time.

They are all very wicked and sick beyond belief.

I am far from being a supporter of Ms Angiolini, the Scottish Crown Office, MacAskill, Salmond and their SNP Government, but they are not the guilty parties in this very sad and sorry affair.

The ones who manipulated, used and abused Hollie and Anne Greig are - and it is all those named above and many more besides.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Hypocrisy Of Little Greggy

Little Greggy see's fit to criticise Sandie Fox's parenting ability. The sad, loser has previously done the very same to myself.

 Has he never heard of the saying "People In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones" ?

 GLW's record as a father, as with all other aspects of his life, is one of pathetic failure and moral turpitude. He admits that many years ago he abandoned his new-born daughter and her mother (to whom he was married) and has played no part in her life. FACT !

Some Background On Greg Lance-Watkins' Madness - 1 Video

Anyone who can sit throught the full two-and-a-half-hours of this tripe deserves a medal.

 The highlight (or should that be lowlight) is at 1.16.30 when Little Greggy claims:

~ Tony Blair has a conviction for importuning in public toilets
~ Gordon Brown has an enthusiasm for underage rent boys
~ Gordon Brown's now wife was paid £140K plus £50K per annum to act as his fiancee

Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Quality Of Evidence Re Greg Lance-Watkins

"Yes of course I was in the Army and did exactly what I claimed "

Really Greggy - where is the EVIDENCE ? We note you are publishing more photos of Roy Greig but cannot find any from your own army days. Can you not even tell us your army number ? Without EVIDENCE we must assume you are a LIAR ?

"In genuine concern when it was brought to my attention that Anne & her daughter were not responding to phone calls and nothing had been heard of them for a few days - we know Anne's Father died young under unusual circumstances, we know there is a mental health track record and we know her brother committed suicide - I phoned Shropshire Social Services as I could not ascertain what had happened to them and Anne had previously told me that they had not been on holiday for years - thus, assuming she was telling the truth, I had every reason to fear she MAY have flipped at the embarrassment of being exposed."

It is a shame that Little Greggy does not have a single friend in the world, otherwise they would surely have advised him to delete this paragraph which leaves the reader in no doubt that the writer is sick, diseased, vermin. Gweggy has no "genuine concern" for Anne or Hollie. Anne quite simply hates him - but then it is probably fair to say that everyone who has ever came into contact with this pathetic, deluisionary, incontinent, scumbag has formed the same view. Even the handful of confused individuals who briefly supported him in his campaign to derail Hollie's Army have deserted him leaving him to die a sad. lonely death.

"Similarly Robert Green when put on trial will be able to either clear his name of criminal irresponsibility and deliberately telling lies or will be shown for the low life I believe him to be."

Strange how nearly eight months after his arrest Robert still awaits a trial date. Little Greggy published the "lies" on his blog so why has he not been charged with any offence. To paraphrase Kenny MacAskill's words on Al-Megrahi:

Mr Watkins now faces a sentence imposed by a higher power. It is one that no court, in any jurisdiction, in any land, could revoke or overrule. It is terminal, final and irrevocable. He is going to die.

Some branches of Christianity believe in the concept of eternal damnation in which sinners who do not repent burn in hell for eternity. Enjoy the heat, Gweggy Boy !

Friday, 1 October 2010

The FACTS About GLW And the Hollie Greig Case

Fact #1
Little Greggy is an extremely unstable individual. He condones the murder of elected politicians and engages in a bizarre correspondence with his local police force when he "accidentally" stumbles across extreme images of bestiality. Yet he accuses George McKendrick of being unstable !

Fact #2
Little Greggy is a narcisstic fantasist. Among his more outlandish claims are htat ex-PM Gordon Brown "had an enthusiasm for under age rent boys. Yet he accuses Stephen Milne/John Taylor of being a liar and dissembler !

Fact #3
Little Greggy was "sacked" from the Hollie Greig campaign on Aprill 30th by Anne Greig who regards him as an "obnoxious arsehole". At the date of his sacking he still claimed to believe that Hollie had been abused (and there is EVIDENCE of this from the Tony Legend show on April 25th). Yet he now claims he "resigned" after realising the story was a hoax !

Fact #4
Little Greggy used his blog to name the members of the paedophile gang and their victims. Yet he now proclaims that Robert Green should be hauled before the courts for naming these people !

Fact #5
Little Greggy claims to support victims of paedophilia but htere is no EVIDENCE of this. On the other hand, we have EVIDENCE of his cowardly attacks on Innocent Voices and Sandra Barr and many others. Yet he accuses Matt Quinn of abusing and attacking individuals !