Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Madness Of Greg Watkins

 Picture the scene: at Sandhurst in the 60's the Royal Green Jackets are having a passing out parade. All the soldiers are immaculately dressed and marching in line... except for one. An undersized, overweight, scruffy oik is hopelessly out of synch.
  On the sidelines Mrs Watkins beams with pride: "Look at that" she exclaims "all of them are out of step except my Little Greggy".
  This is the attitude which this tragic figure maintains to this day. Myself, Robert Green, George McKendrick, David Icke, Matt Quinn and the dozens of others regularly abused in "Stolen Kids" are all completely wrong about the Hollie Greig case... and are most likely suffering from a mental illness.
  Little Greggy, the lone voice who publicly disparages the case, is the only one who is right. And of course this poor excuse of a man: who invented Thatcherism, accused Gordon Brown of being a paedophile and downloaded animal pornography, is perfectly sane.
 Believe that and you will believe anything !

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